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Friday 23 February 2018

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The ISS Image Frontier – “Making the Invisible Visible”

A short film by Christoph Malin: This film is a tribute to the International Space Station Program as well as Dr. Don Pettit, NASA Astronaut and ISS Astrophotographer. It can not be emphasized enough, how Dr. Pettits innovative photographic work and his passion has changed the way we see earth from space. Accompanied with great info on the challenges of astrophotography aboard the ISS by Dr. Pettit, this shortfilm features a compilation of 4 special ISS timelapses (“intro”, “startrails”, “fisheye” and “aurorae”). Welcome aboard the ISS – enjoy stunning photography and timelapses from the Space Station!

Making-of the Video: christophmalin.com/wp01/2013/03/11/the-earth-from-above-my-new-iss-shortfilm-doc/
Some great intros and thoughts on the film: slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/03/11/time_lapse_video_incredible_video_of_earth_seen_from_the_space_station.html

Production notes:
ISS footage render and Don Pettit Luminance Lecture excerpt edit: by Christoph Malin
christophmalin.com twanight.org/cmalin

Dr. Don Pettit lecture excerpts courtesy PhotoShelter Luminance Conference 2012

ISS Stackings taken from my former Shortfilm “ISS TRONized” – vimeo.com/51499009

Special thanks to Dr. Don Pettit!

Great Music – great Artists:
“Old Red Shoe” – Baobab
“Sleepy Hollow Cemetry” – Acoustic Version – Baobab
Baobab – Phil Torres – baobabmusic.bandcamp.com

“Stars” – Rx by Eero Joenrinne / Lucas

Outro – “Reaching” – Jesse Hozeny

Image courtesy of the image science & analysis lab / nasa johnson space center
“the gateway to astronaut photography of earth”

Shutter Noise: Nikon D4 😉 – oh, and please Nikon, how about a new version of the 2.8/8 mm Fisheye? It’s time!

About 13000 Frames of 80000 processed with
Apple Motion
LRTimelapse (lrtimelapse.com)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
Adobe After Effects CS6
then cut & edited with
Apple Final Cut Pro X

Rendered and produced on a Macbook Pro!

Finally, please also be aware of the growing issue of light pollution (plightwithlight.org) one can see in many of these scenes! Support IDA (darksky.org) on their challenge to preserve the night sky for us and our children, on reducing energy waste!

Visit our team at the UNESCO IYA 2009 Project TWAN (twanight.org) for some of the coolest nightsky images and videos on our planet! One people, one sky!

Always believe in your dreams and make it possible!

All the best,
Christoph Malin

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