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Saturday 24 February 2018

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Not Because It’s Easy   |   a Novel by George C. Schellenger

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Author and Emmy winning television producer George C. Schellenger’s novel “Not Because It’s Easy” released this summer is a metaphorical autobiography of Project Apollo about one man’s quest to rekindle the space program and another’s assignment to stop him at all costs.

Schellenger’s, Knox Long, a steely-eyed moonwalker astronaut turned billionaire is up to something big, and National Security Agent Hunter Algier, an aviation specialist, is on orders to find out what it is.

One part metaphorical autobiography, one part rollicking adventure story, and one part self-help guide, Not Because It’s Easy is a trip to extremes you won’t forget.

For Agent Hunter Algier, it’s anything but easy: saving a charter jet from crashing into the suburbs of Northern Virginia; escaping the evil clutches of his ex-wife; tracking down three artifacts from Roswell, New Mexico; listening to a possessed billionaire moonwalker talk about Project Apollo; surviving a shootout on a golf course at one of America’s most prestigious country clubs; and coming face to face with a massive Tiger Shark at night.

That’s just the warm up.

The real adventure begins in an underground cave full of poisonous spiders somewhere in the Cayman Islands, ending in orbit somewhere above the planet. Success or failure on his mission could be the difference between reaching his ultimate goal or unwittingly aiding in the destruction of the free world.

Then again, for Agent Algier, it’s a typical week on the job.

— “An exciting romp that centers on human spaceflight.” – America Space

Published by Status Productions the book retails for around $14.99 and a Kindle version is $4.99.

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