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Saturday 24 February 2018

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The Day the Earth Smiled

Just to demonstrate how far-reaching that Saturn snapshot of Earth this year was, the Skopje Astronomical Society (from Macedonia) made a video celebrating “The Day The Earth Smiled”, when the Cassini spacecraft looked at Earth on July 19 and thousands of people made pictures and video showing what they were doing at that time. – Universe Today

Kristijan Siskovski from the Skopje Astronomical Society posted this commentary with the video on YouTube:

On that day the Earth smiled just as every day… but on that day, 19 July 2013 we were united by one cause in a single moment to be allied with the Universe, the Planet and every single being on it to celebrate advancement of science and knowledge, our understanding of the cosmos. To celebrate enlightenment by reason that gives us awareness of the nature so we could understand better our purpose on this speck of dust.

As we stood near that Aqueduct from the 6th century, waiting for the moment to come to have one unique photo with everybody else on this planet, we knew we were part of something amazing, something beautiful that could not even be imagined by our ancestors who were standing again before the stars in the same wander and awe.

Special gratitude and credits goes to Dr. Carolyn Porco for the whole concept of “The Day The Earth Smiled” who came up with the idea to take the picture and to turn it into a global celebration.

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