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Tuesday 23 January 2018

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dave masten

Dave Masten stands besides one of his company's products. - Image credit: Masten Space Systems


Masten Space Systems Announces Management Additions

MOJAVE, Calif. -– Masten Space Systems, Inc., a leader in the emerging commercial spaceflight industry, announced today the expansion of its management team through several key appointments. Founder David Masten, has been named chairman and chief technology officer. Joel Scotkin will be the new chief executive officer, and Sean Mahoney will assume the role of chief operating officer.

“I’m a technology guy. What I love — what I do best — is build rockets and lead technology development,” said David Masten, long-time rocket entrepreneur and founder of Masten Space Systems. “Joel has been a huge supporter of the company for many years. He has been far more than an investor — he is a key member of the team, and I’m thrilled that he has agreed to join us full-time to help build the company.”

Joel Scotkin has been an investor in Masten since 2007 and has been involved in technical and business decision-making as a key advisor for much of that time. His past experience as founder and chief executive officer of Random Walk Computing — now the Accenture Capital Markets Solutions Group — includes building Random Walk from a two-person startup to a 150+ person enterprise. His full-time involvement as CEO will allow David Masten to focus on leading reusable rocket development for both internal Masten and client projects.

“I’m very excited to be stepping into the CEO position during this time of growth to allow Dave to focus on technology development,” Scotkin said. “It’s an exciting time for the company as we add more customers, more employees, and continue to grow in all areas.”

Sean Mahoney, Masten’s new COO, will round out the management team as the scope of the company’s product development and customer-driven research activities continues to grow. Mahoney brings to Masten a wealth of experience with a number of startups across multiple domains.

about masten space systems, inc.
Masten Space Systems, based in Mojave, CA, is an aerospace company developing fully reusable vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) launch vehicles, technology and concept demonstration, technology acceleration, and engineering services. The company’s production and testing facilities are located on the Mojave Air and Space Port. Masten develops and builds fast-iteration rocket technologies, and achieves operational efficiency through a bias towards action and continuous improvement. For more information, visit www.masten-space.com

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