We’d like to thank the Contributors listed below for funding the transcription of

“The People of NewSpace (2010-2013)”   video archive,

its donation to The National Air & Space Museum,

and for supporting our continued coverage of…

the People who  make  space  happen.




Lindsay Quarrie

XCOR Aerospace

The Heinlein Prize Trust

Geoff Licciardello

Jim Keravala

Rex Ridenoure

Dave Brody

Ronnie Lajoie

Jim Baird

Citizens In Space

JP Aerospace

Altius Space Machines

Bob Werb

Dale Amon

Greg Autry

Brian Shiro

Kemble Pope

Marc Boucher

Andrew Rush

Kiko Dontchev

Rick Tumlinson

Jeff Krukin

Will Pomerantz

Sue Banducci

Diane Barnhart

Hoyt Davidson

Andrew Corbett

Peter K. Homer

Bill Fairfield

Curtis Iwata

Nancy Ostertag

Clark S. Lindsey

Buckner Hightower

Bob Richards

Michael Mackowski

Christina Hansen

Dave Dressler

David Valentine

Anne Hance

Evelyn Buddenhagen

Rebecca Zgorski